45 MM UK Replica Breitling Avenger Chronograph Night Mission With Military Style

Today’s model is a perfect Breitling Avenger copy watch that is best choice for strong men who are interested in military style. The khaki green dial and strap make the timepiece more eye-catching and attractive.

The timepiece with green dial presents military style.
Green Fabric Strap Copy Breitling Avenger

The green dial fake Breitling features black titanium case. Thanks to the material of titanium, the huge model is very light. If it is manufactured by the stainless steel, the watch will be very heavy. It is worth mentioning that the black DLC-coated titanium case is easy to be scratched. Therefore, you should try your best to avoid bumping.

With the titanium case, the watch is ultra light.
Black DLC-Coated Titanium Case Replica Breitling

The movement that drives the Breitling Avenger is reliable and extraordinary. Robust and bold, the Breitling has attracted a large number of strong men. It is worthy of owning.

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