Breitling’s Georges Kern On Raising The Sophistication Of The UK Best Quality Fake Breitling Avenger Watches

When the perfect Breitling Avenger replica watches was first launched more than 20 years ago, the idea was to create a classic pilot’s watch for the modern era. More than 20 years have since passed, and the Avenger recently underwent a makeover that promises to expand its appeal. 

“The Avenger was created to stand up to the relentless conditions of a jet cockpit and to support pilots in demanding aerial maneuvers. Its redesign demanded nothing less,” declares Breitling CEO Georges Kern. 

The design update is cleaner and more contemporary, doing away with the winged logo of previous iterations, leaving only the solitary ‘B’ on the dial. The Arabic numerals are also gone. The new cheap UK Breitling fake watches come in three formats, led by the 44mm chronograph which comes in a choice of stainless steel or ceramic (Night Mission).

There is also a 44mm automatic GMT and a 42mm time-and-date-only automatic, all high quality Breitling replica watches powered by the Breilting manufacture Caliber 01. The case profile is also slimmer, paired with a selection of coloured dials for a resolutely modern collection. 

“It is sport[y] chic, more sophisticated than ever,” Kern notes. For the Swiss movements replica Breitling Avenger watches, the chronograph remains a key reference. 

“The history of the brand is closely linked to the chronograph; Breitling invented the chronograph on the wrist. It has strong roots in aviation with a dedicated department (the Breitling Huit Aviation Department) that produced chronographs for pilots.” 

While the functional aspect of the chronograph has long been replaced by more advanced instruments, the complication is still a huge favourite, as evident by the large number of new AAA copy Breitling watches this year alone. Kern believes it’s because it has a wide style appeal. “It’s rugged and bold, with its chronograph counters giving it a different look,” he quips.

Ever since Kern took over the helm at Breitling, he has been working hard to broaden its audience. “Five, six years ago when I took over, I asked myself, ‘Is there any benefit in being a niche brand?’” He didn’t think so.

“In the last few years, we have grown rapidly from 400 employees to 1,800. It‘s a very positive expansion.”

Driven by Passion

As CEO, Kern always portrays himself as optimistic and confident, and he wholeheartedly believes in everything that the brand does. It was not always easy to convince others though. “I always tell my team, you can’t argue with success, so let’s just win the game, let’s just score goals. In the beginning you have a blurry image of what you wanted to do. But the more you do, the clearer the image becomes. It took us a while to get here.”

Kern makes it a point to take a personal interest in every campaign and every Breitling squad member. “You need to be interested in what you’re doing. If not, change jobs,” he says. “A triathlete once shared with me that the CEO of the last brand he was signed to only called him two or three weeks after the race to ask him how it went. He couldn’t believe he didn’t know how he performed in the race.”

Kern is unlikely to make the same mistake. Whether it is a pilot, an athlete, or Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, the face of the new 1:1 replica Breitling Navitimer 32 and 36 watches, the Breitling squad members always get his attention. “I’m interested in what Charlize is doing. I’m interested in what [Norwegian footballer] Erling Haaland is doing; I just met his parents.”

Our talk steers towards Sylvain Berneron, Breitling’s chief product officer who recently launched his first top China Breitling super clone watches under his name. ”He is one of the best designers in the industry,” Kern asserts. “I worked with him many years back on a very small project when he was a young designer. He is good with details and has good taste.”

Kern believes Berneron has brought a lot of sophistication to Breitling. “Unlike a lot of designers, Sylvain is very knowledgeable about movements. We make a good team. I would have my ideas and he would give his input; there’s always a discussion. He was the one who came up with [reviving] the bullet bracelet for the 2024 online Breitling Chronomat fake watches, even though I was sceptical initially. He adds real value in terms of design.”

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